Angie Rucker is a conceptual photographer living in Westerville, Ohio. She received her BA from Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts and has participated in juried and group exhibitions at institutions including The Southeast Center for Photography, The Photoplace Gallery, The Amblewood Gallery, ASmith Gallery, The Riffe Gallery, and The Academy of Fine Arts. Some of her recognitions include The Director’s Award for the Juried Exhibit “Flight” at the Photoplace Gallery and 1st Place at Saville Gallery’s National Juried Photographic Exhibition.

Rucker’s series of narrative portraits often represent and fictionalize personal situations based on her own experiences or those around her. In her new series, Hic Sunt Dracones, the domestic landscape serves as a backdrop, using cinematic drama and illustrative aesthetics along themes of intimacy, relationships and loss.

“I create constructed scene novellas told in still photographs, utilizing myself or a model engaged with heavily symbolic objects.  As a conceptual photographer, I am motivated by themes of femininity, personal turmoil, relationships, and the complexity of the human spirit.  I attempt to infuse my work with anguish that clings to strength and seek the fulfillment that comes from exploring and photographing human emotion and turning that into something physical.  I examine human nature and its difficulties within the world we live in; anxieties, dreads,anguishes, and everything which forms us as the human beings we are.”

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